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Hair Oil

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Return Policy

What is your return policy? We DO NOT accept returns or exchanges due to the nature of our products. If you receive a damaged or broken product please contact us immediately. If your order has not shipped, and you need to make changes to your mailing address please contact us immediately.



Are your products safe for children? Yes, Moe Grow products are safe for children 3 months and up. 

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Permed or Colored Hair

Does Moe Grow products work on perm or color treated hair? Yes, Moe Grow products are safe for all hair types. 

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Really Work

Does this product really work? Hair follicles typically takes up to 180 days to regrow especially if your hair follicles are damaged. Please give our products a full 180 days to determine if Moe Grow works for you. Always remember Consistency is key.

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Whole Moe Grow line?

Do I need the whole Moe Grow line to see results or can I just use the hair growth oil? You can choose to only use the hair growth oil, however your hair will benefit even more using the full line of Moe Grow products. 


Best Seller

What are your best selling products? Moe Grow hair growth oil, and Moe Grow bundle deal.

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International Shipping

Do you ship Internationally? Yes we ship worldwide. International Shipping is $38.95


Does this work for dreads

Yes Moe Grow is safe for dreads.

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Free Shipping

Do you offer free shipping? Yes, on all domestic orders $150+. 

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Do your products help with alopecia? We have numerous of customers that suffer from alopecia that have seen amazing results from using Moe Grow products. However we do recommend seeing a board certified dermatologist to better explain the cause of your hair loss.

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How long before you start seeing progress? Results varies depending on what's going on with your hair, however many people see RESULTS in as little as 7 days and/or within using their first bottle of Moe Grow best selling hair growth oil.

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Damaged Order

What happens if I receive a damaged, broken or wrong order? Inbox us immediately with a photo attached, and we will reship your order. 

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